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Workshop resources

Download the 2020 Workshop flyer!

Workshop short introduction by Ali Erturk

vDISCO demo on whole mouse body Marika Cai and Madita Reimer

Demonstration of uDISCO by Chenchen Pan and Madita Reimer

Introduction to the LaVision Ultramicroscope by Uwe Schröer

Light-sheet microscopy demo by Mihail Todorov using LaVision Biotec system

Confocal microscopy on cleared samples by Marika Cai & Harsh Bahtia

ARIVIS software seminar by Tamara Manuelian to analyze the clearing data

Arivis Virtual Reality (VR) demo to analyze DISCO clearing data

Neurolucida software seminar by Masha Stern to analyze the clearing data

Workshop seminar on tissue clearing by Ali Erturk

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