DeepMACT protocol - 3D content

Supplementary Video 1
3D reconstruction of a mouse torso scanned by light-sheet microscopy. The left side shows the segmented view, in which the torso is represented in gray, the lungs in yellow and the heart in green. The right side shows the original 2D data from the light-sheet microscopy. Various macro- and micro-metastases (magenta) are visualized in high contrast over the background.

Supplementary Video 2
3D visualization of some micrometastases in the lungs obtained by light-sheet microscopy. The tumors are shown in magenta and PI nuclear labeling in green.

Supplementary Video 3
3D animation of a mouse body scanned by light-sheet microscopy. The outline of the mouse (scan of the unlabeled autofluorescence channel at 488 nm excitation) is shown in gray, some segmented organs (lungs, kidney, liver and brain) in blue, the tumors in magenta, and the tumor & therapeutic antibody 6A10 co-localization in white. The first part of the animation shows tumor macro- and micrometastasis throughout the body, and the second part shows the biodistribution of the therapeutic antibody 6A10 along with tumor macro- and micrometastases.

Supplementary Video 4
3D animation of the lungs demonstrating the details of the therapeutic antibody binding. Micrometastases are shown in magenta and the co-localization of micrometastases and therapeutic antibody in white. While most of the micrometastases were targeted by the therapeutic antibody (white), a fraction was not (the ones remaining magenta throughout the movie).

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