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DeepMACT protocol


Deep learning based Metastasis Analysis in Cleared Tissue

This online resource serves as guidance to implement DeepMACT; please refer to the publication for more details: Pan*, Schoppe*, Parra-Damas*, Cai, Todorov, Gondi, Neubeck, Böğürcü-Seidel, Seidel, Sleiman, Veltkamp, Förstera, Mai, Rong, Trompak, Ghasemi, Reimer, Coronel, Jeremias, Saur, Acker-Palmer, Acker, Garvalov, Menze, Zeidler, and Ertürk. Deep learning reveals cancer metastasis and therapeutic antibody targeting (2019) (available as a pre-print on BioRxiv)

The DeepMACT pipeline is an end-to-end procedure that enables highly automated detection and characterization of tumor micro-metastasis in large volumetric scans of whole cleared mice. This pipeline comprises two core technologies: DISCO tissue clearing and deep learning. Here, we provide additional material that may be beneficial to try out DeepMACT yourself:

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